Ironshield was established in 2007 as a credit specialist and manages a range of funds with a principal focus on event driven, stressed and distressed European corporate credit.

The portfolios primarily consist of liquid long and short positions, investing in credit situations with short to medium term events to offer a low correlation return profile.

The objective is to achieve diversified high absolute returns by exploiting periods of market mispricing caused by operational and capital structure changes in corporates. Credit selection and position sizing are based on in depth analysis and due diligence of a select group of corporates that the team typically tracks over a multi-year period.

We have successfully executed the strategy since inception in 2007, and throughout the cycle, delivering consistent alpha through strong investment discipline, active recycling of capital, and a focus on idiosyncratic events in medium sized enterprises.

Current funds open for investment: 

L1 Special Situations
L2 Special Situations
Ironshield Credit Fund – UCITS
Ironshield High Yield Alpha Fund – UCITS